Leslie Adkins Hall

Welcome to Leslie J. Hall & Blue Skies Communication

Leslie teaches classes and workshops at several locations in the Northwest, including North Seattle Community College. Click here for her current schedule and course listings, including Write Night this fall in Shoreline, WA. 

Leslie has various speaking engagements throughout the year including her workshops at conferences including Write on the Sound conference, PNWA and other Pacific Northwest Writing Events.

Besides teaching, Leslie also provides editing and critiquing services for writers, special events planning, and is available for speaking engagements and custom workshops on a variety of topics. Click here to learn more about her services.

Leslie has written eight novels, screenplays, and numerous non-fiction articles. Click here to read some of her writing clips.

Testimonies from Leslie's Students

“I took Leslie’s course and I really enjoyed it! She came to class well prepared with great handouts. My favorite thing was how she managed the class and encouraged full class participation. She created a safe and light environment and I felt I could be open and share my writing with strangers.”
“I had put writing aside for a while and I received a confidence boost about my writing abilities by taking Leslie’s class and by hearing from other writers. I felt my own creativity was greatly stimulated.”
“Leslie wasn’t just a well-organized and thorough instructor, she was also highly motivational. She brought an enthusiasm to her lectures and student interactions that allowed great freedom of expression. She inspired a desire for creativity. Doing NaNoWriMo with her made the process easier and much less intimidating.”
“I took Leslie’s NaNoWriMo class and it was just what I needed to get motivated to write my novel. The class format was open enough to allow for discussion on writing technique, as well as NaNoWriMo tips; plus Leslie’s expertise provided reassurance every step of the way.”
“I was very inspired during and after taking Leslie’s class… The information that she provided was helpful to improve my story. It taught me many different ways of learning.”
“Leslie’s comments are always to the point and helpful. In other words, right on.”