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write a novel in 30 days

Join thousands of other writers as you write a novel in just 30 days! During National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), you will learn how to quickly create a novel with unforgettable characters, settings, and dialogue. Push yourself to write more material faster and come away with an outline and complete novel plan. No previous writing experience required; perfect for those with an idea or a work in progress. For more information, see www.nanowrimo.org

Class Info-Dates coming soon.

Oct. 15 - Nov. 5. 2019
North Seattle College

write night

A Gathering of Puget Sound Fiction
 Nonfiction Writers

Write Night is a small weekly facilitated writer's support/critique class. Enjoy coaching, creative writing exercises, and a chance to share your writing with people who understand you. Get regular feedback and create a support system for your writing life.  Write Night can become your built-in deadline and will help you write more, high-quality manuscripts.

Write Night Info:
Weekly Thursdays (break 8/22- 9/5)
6:15-8:30pm at Richmond Masonic Hall, in Shoreline, WA
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beginning fiction writing crash course

When was the last time you read a novel and said, “I could do better than that?”  Whether you are interested in short stories or novels, genre fiction (mysteries, romance, sci-fi, fantasy) or mainstream, this workshop will give you the basic tools to jump-start your writing.  Learn how to create characters, select point-of-view, write dialogue, structure a plot, and more! This workshop includes lots of exercises to get you writing.  

Class Info:
Winter 2020
North Seattle College